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"So Much Fire to Roast Human Flesh" cd curated by Josephine Foster

Image of "So Much Fire to Roast Human Flesh" cd curated by Josephine Foster

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Josephine Foster
"So Much Fire to Roast Human Flesh"
an anti-military recruiting benefit curated by Josephine Foster, released August 2006

Cover artwork by Fred Tomaselli

The title is a line from a poem by the great Apollinaire, who died from wounds he sustained while serving in World War I.

"All profits from sales of this compilation will be distributed to specific counter-military recruitment and pacifist organizations and programs. We hope to assist them in their efforts promoting peace and non-militarism in the United States.

"All of the musicians represented here are US citizens. Our voices join with many others across this land that freely question and openly oppose war." --Josephine Foster

Track listing:

THE CHERRY BLOSSOMS - "Dragonfly" (live)
MICHAEL HURLEY - "A Little Bit of Love for You"
MEG BAIRD - "Western Red Lily (Nunavut Diamond Dream)"
ANDREW BAR - "Don't Trust That Man"
GOATGIRL - "President Combed His Hair"
DEVENDRA BANHART - "I Know Some Souls" (demo)
KATH BLOOM - "Baby Let It Come Down On Me"
CHARLIE NOTHING - "Fuck You and Your Stupid Wars"
DIANE CLUCK - "A Phoenix and Doves"
JOSEPHINE FOSTER - "Would You Pave the Road?"
ANGELS OF LIGHT - "Destroyer"
RACHEL MASON - "The War Clerk's Lament"
PAJO - "War Is Dead"
MVEE - "Powderfinger"
KATHLEEN BAIRD - "Prayer for Silence"